AcraDyne – DC Electric Nutrunner Products

AcraDyne – DC Electric Nutrunner Products

TAS Tools produces applications that perform beyond our client’s expectations. AcraDyne is a division of AIMCO, and they perform at the highest level. Acradyne designs and manufactures DC Electric Nutrunner products. AcraDyne also manufactures custom designed assembly systems and multi-spindle fastening systems. We offer tool support systems. AIMCO strives to be a resource for our customers to ensure you get the right system for your application.

AcraDyne’s Omega Shutoff Pulse Tool 3/8″ Square Drive Features –

Automatic shutoff function for reduced operator influence

More power in a smaller package in addition to an air motor redesign

The lightest pulse tool on the market today

Incorporated driving blade rollers reduce friction inside the pulse unit, maximizing the power in a smaller package

Faster pulsing under load for the fastest cycle times

Reduced friction means longer tool life

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