AIMCO – Aerospace Assembly Parts

AIMCO – Aerospace Assembly Parts

TAS Tools offers premier solutions for companies needing to supply their employees and customers with products that will work well. AIMCO is one of our partner companies that produce amazing tools for our clients. AIMCO manufactures industrial power tools used for assembly operations. Award-winning leadership has helped AIMCO develop great products for our clients. We offer controlled tools like DC controllers and electric pulse tools. These tools have won ISA awards for innovation and performance. Their quality & productivity offer tight control, multiple parameter sets, detection of cross threading or stripped fasteners and line control. Our assembly systems are top of the line as well.

AIMCO is a leading marketer and manufacturer of industrial power tools used for assembly operations. AIMCO’s effect on the industry to offer a comprehensive line of electric, pneumatic and cordless industrial power tools has been great. AIMCO´s customized assembly process increases production and decreases costs. Product lines, coupled with our commitment to excellence in servicing our customers, as well as our extensive training program, make AIMCO one of the industry leaders. Our first priority is to ensure every task in the assembly process is done efficiently and to specification. Our Assembly Systems include Screw Presenters, Automatic Screw Feed Systems and Robotic Systems.

Proper torque measurement is critical in many assembly operations. TAS Tools provides expertise and measurement equipment for all three phases – before, during, and after assembly. Tool testing and capability studies can be easily performed in the tool crib or lab. Fine tuning of torque settings and process verification are achieved on the assembly line with rotary transducers. Use our complete line of electronic wrenches for final residual torque testing. The UFT-Series provide the most repeatable and linear joint rate simulation available for pulse and continuous drive tool certification and testing!

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