Elephant Lifting Products

Elephant Lifting Products

TAS Tools works with Elephant Lifting Products. They are high grade hoists and applied products. Family owned and operated, they strive to be the best in the business.

Some products we carry:

KIIOP Manual Chain Hoist Overload Protection

  • 0.5t ~ 10 ton
  • Overload protection safety device
  • Grade 105 galvanized load chain, which adheres to the strict German DIN 5684 standard
  • Galvanized hand chain
  • Redesigned top and bottom hooks with a wider throat opening
  • A lightweight design – the 1 ton unit with 10’ lift weighs 27 lbs.
  • Tip supporting safety latches
  • The tough reinforced gear case has four ribs and four knock pins, which provide accurate gear centering and high mechanical efficiency
  • Rolled edge hand wheel cover
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Long life friction discs

Elephant Chain Block Co., Ltd. Corrosion Resistant +V Class “White” Load Chain

  • +V load chain for the Elephant Chain Block Co., Ltd. manual hoists is proprietary and manufactured in Japan, within our ISO 9001 facility
  • Adheres to the strict German DIN 5684 standard
  • Grade 105 manual hoist load chain : Minimum breaking stress is 105kgf/mm2, according to ISO 16872 : 2008
  • Temperature limit for ordinary use (F°) : Min. -40°  Max. +302°

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